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New options for food storage!

The freezer bags have double zipper that are an essential storage solution for a busy kitchen. Double Zipper Freezer Bags is a good lock that securely closes every time for food storage. Storage bags made with thick plastic to help keep food fresh without BPA.

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New Kitchen Supplies! Storage Bowl Cover!

Elastic strech food bowl storage covers can be adjust to fit for all shapes and most size (square, rectangular, round ) of food containers. The material is eco-friendly food grad PE which are reusable and can be washed multiple times without splitting or tearing, easy to remove and replaced over and over. It can be used for family gatherings or picnics to block dust and greatly to make food preparation and leftovers storage a breeze.

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Application of oven bag

Resistant to high temperature of 220 degrees. Storage bags, preservation, classification, a good helper at home.

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Microwavable or Non-Microwavable Retort Pouches

Retort Pouch is applied for sterilization in boiling water or Microwave Oven.

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Thermalast Bag Applied in Cold Chain Shipping Solutions

Thermal liner bag is a reliable solution in cold chain shipment, we could provide cost-effective and customizable products to save your time,money and protect your goods.

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Group picture of the Safety Initiative winners through August of this year. Getting to be quite a team. We recognized the latest winners: Nicole Stonecipher and Rosa Duchimaza at this weeks Town Hall meeting. Safety is a culture and needs to be driven by everyone in an organization, we're getting there! #safety #teamwork #training  ……

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